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Link sAUsage: 5 December 2016

New and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Do you like winning? Because I like winning. And Auburn keeps winning! The Tigers improved to 6-1 with a huge win in Birmingham over UAB last Saturday night. That's a pretty big deal. It was a tight game, but Auburn pulled it out 74-70.


The Tigers had a preview meet for the upcoming season. It went pretty well, with a couple of Tigers returning from injuries sustained early last year.


Casie Ramsier is an All-American, which should be filed under "duh." The senior had a fantastic season in Auburn's run to the Elite 8.


The Tigers' post-season destination is set! It's going to be the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma. After all the issues all season long, the Tigers are still in a New Years Six bowl. That's not going to be played on New Years because of the NFL monopoly of Sunday games. Booooooo.

We'll hopefully do some good stuff with Crimson and Cream Machine, the Oklahoma Blog, during the lead-up to the game. Head on over there to their site and say hi. Just from my brief interaction so far, they seem like good people.

How will the Sugar Bowl go for Auburn when it comes to the health of the players? Well, the Tigers will be "close to 100%." I don't know what that means, but I'd be willing to bet it's more to do with Sean White than anyone else.

You know who is REALLY happy Auburn is in the Sugar Bowl? Gus Malzahn, that's who. And not just because it's seen as success on the field. It's because there are monetary bonuses for making a New Years Six bowl in his contract. And, before you say anything knocking that, no matter what you may think of the Tigers' season, just remember the SEC as a whole pretty much stunk this year and Auburn was the best of everyone not named Bama in that stinkiness.

See what ESPN had to say about the matchup between the Sooners and the Tigers.

In former coach news, Tommy Tuberville "stepped down" as the head coach of Cincinnati after four seasons that saw the Bearcats slide downhill with each passing year. It was especially worse this year after Eddie Gran left for Kentucky.