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Auburn Football Recruiting Update: 1 February 2016

Where does Auburn stand going into the home stretch?

5* DT Derrick Brown
5* DT Derrick Brown
Student Sports

Official visits are done, we're in a dead period, and now everyone waits as the 2016 recruiting cycle comes to its final hours. 48 hours from now, everyone who will sign on Signing Day 2016 will likely already have the faxes in.

I say "likely" because, well, there are almost always some issues.

So, has anything changed since last Monday's update? Yes, some things have. For one thing, 247Sports has pulled David Marshall from Auburn's commitment list. While he has not formally de-committed from the Tigers, he's also not expected to sign with Auburn, either. That article is behind the paywall, but the headline says they're removing someone from the 2016 list and then David Marshall no longer shows up in the class, so I don't feel bad about flat out stating he's the person they're talking about in the article.

Is there good news on the horizon? There could be. The latest Crystal Ball picks from 247Sports have some folks leaning towards Derrick Brown and maybe even Nigel  Warrior to Auburn. Kipp Adams, someone pretty knowledgeable in the recruiting world, just CB'd Warrior to Auburn. Auburn is in much better shape for Brown, but adding Brown and Warrior to the class would be huge.

Does Auburn stand a chance with 5* Linebacker Ben Davis? Probably not, but I'd say there's a better chance now than there was before his visit last weekend. He's the son of Alabama's all-time leading tackler, though, so it's hard to see him ending up anywhere but Alabama. Auburn does have playing time to sell to him, though.

As for the Brothers Myers (Nate Craig-Myers and Jayvaughn Myers), things are looking pretty good for Auburn to snag at least one, but probably both. Nate Craig-Myers would be yet another fantastic addition to this year's wide receiver class, and his brother is a talented defensive back.

Who else is out there? There's still the offensive tackles. That could go any number o f ways for Auburn as they're still attempting to pick up Prince Sammons and/or E.J. Price.

For other news, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting there may still be some academic work for QB commit Woody Barrett. It sounds like it's SAT and not grades, though. Stephen Davis Jr may need some academic work, too, but he'll probably join the class even if he has to take an Academic Redshirt. That's a new rule this upcoming season instituted by the NCAA on when core classes can be taken and the minimum GPA for a player to participate in the upcoming season. If the requirements aren't met, then the player automatically redshirts and still has four years to play four.

The Class Right Now

Probable Signees (not on the above list)

4* WR Nate Craig-Myers

3* ATH Stephen Davis JR

3* CB Jayvaughn Myers

Possible Signees

5* DT Derrick Brown

4* OT E.J. Price

4* OT Prince Sammons

4* S Nigel Warrior

3* S Daniel Thomas (doesn't have offer at the moment as far as I'm aware).

Probably Not (But We'll Be Watching Closely, Anyway)

5* LB Ben Davis

5* DT Rashan Gary

How Does That Shape Up?

I think Auburn will sign all of the recruits listed in the "Probably" section above. Of the Possibles, I'm going to go with Derrick Brown being the only one I'm feeling good about. I just have no clue on the others. The recruiting experts do seem to think Auburn would be a lock for Thomas if Auburn offers.

Just adding the three at the top and Brown puts Auburn into the Top 5 as it currently sits in the Team Rankings. Those other schools will be adding players of their own, of course. If you add Nigel Warrior and E.J. Price on top of that, it puts Auburn in 3rd. If, and this is a huge if, Auburn signs Ben Davis, then the Tigers would have the number one class as the rankings sit right now.

Do I think that will happen? If it does, then Auburn's close to the recruiting cycle will be nothing short of spectacular. I don't think there's a chance Auburn ends up with the number one class, but I do think the final results will be a solid Top 10 and maybe even a very good Top 5.

Take a deep breath, folks, the end of this cycle is almost here. Then we can talk about spring practice and look forward to depth chart projections. War Eagle!