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Link sAUsage: 10 February 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


I saw this in my feedly, so I wanted to put it in here. It's a Strength and Conditioning coach talking about when you should have children start working out in the gym. I'm no expert, but it sure does seem like there were less injuries back when kids were playing multiple sports and we didn't have so much specialization of athletes. Of course, multiple sports is what caused us Bo Jackson's awesome career in baseball. So, what do I know?


Jordan Ebert is entering his senior season on the Plains. It's been quite an interesting career for him while he's been at Auburn. Phillip Marshall has a great feature on him.


ESPN has a video feature on Auburn basketball and its ups and downs over the last few weeks.

Last night, well that was definitely one of the downs. It didn't go well. Let us never speak of it again.


The SEC is on top of the NCEA Equestrian rankings with the 1-2-3 spots. Who's number one? That would be Auburn.


A Top 10 defense? That sounds fantastic. That's what Kevin Steele wants to build a foundation for in 2016. It's been a while since Auburn's had even a Top 25 defense. That's shocking when you consider the history of Auburn defenses prior to 2007.

Where do the Tigers stand in the ESPN power rankings post-signing day? Check it out and see.