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Link sAUsage: 11 February 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Kenny Moss / Auburn Athletics


Freshman Alannah Griffin was named the SEC Freshman of the week, which is pretty awesome.


Speaking of being named something "of the," two Auburn equestrian stars have been named Riders of the Month for their performances in January.


There's a big meet this Friday as the Tigers take on Alabama and attempt to end that horrendous streak. The official site has something on it, here. We'll have something from Megan Walker a little later, today!


The ladies are hoping to keep the momentum up as they go on the road for the penultimate time this season to face Ole Miss. They've been on a bit of a run lately after facing the top-heavy first half of their SEC schedule.


Herb Hand has only been on the Plains for a few weeks, but he's already making a huge impact. The first thing was getting Prince Sammons to sign with the Tigers. I also think he has something to do with Auburn's recent increase in the effort being put into Social Media on the recruiting trail.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said some things on Twitter, yesterday. SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey was asked about it and basically said he isn't going to get into Twitter arguments with people.