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Link sAUsage: 12 February 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Madi Gipson
Madi Gipson
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics


Check out this video piece with Tigers head coach Butch Thompson. We're one week away from the first pitch for Auburn baseball!


So, um, things happened last night. For the men, the Tigers are down a player. A very key player. Kareem Canty decided to call it quits and go to the NBA is what I'm getting at. Just what will that mean for the basketball team this season and next season? I took a bit of a look at the possibilities.

In good news, while down by 12 points, the ladies came back big in the 2nd half and continued their winning ways against Ole Miss. Coach Flo has the team playing hot at just the right time and aiming for a tournament berth.


Michael Johnson is one of 25 golfers named to the Ben Hogan Award Watch List. That's a pretty big honor for him and for Auburn.


Megan Walker has some great insights into how Gymnastics works for us and discusses just why we need every Auburn fan to get to the Arena as soon as the gates open Friday night to prevent the Tide rolling in.


How did things go on opening night for Auburn Softball? Well, pretty dadgum well, actually. The Tigers picked up a no-hit run-rule victory over Appalachian State. This is the 17th times in the last 33 games that the Tigers had a run-rule victory at home. That's pretty good, too.


The Tigers are getting ready for the SEC Championships next weekend in Missouri. The Tigers are optimistic for their performance going into the meet this year.


How does Gus Malzahn feel about the recruiting class? About like I expected. They got the players they were hoping/expecting to get. That, to me, was obvious when they didn't throw out too many last-second offers. ponders the idea of an early signing period in college football and how it might affect Auburn and Alabama. I don't know how much of an affect it would have, honestly. They might sign a few players early, but most of their main targets would wait until Signing Day. The interesting thing would be how it would affect the lower-rated prospects who might realize when they aren't sent an NLI during the early period that the school they're committed to may still be shopping around.

Eight former Tigers are heading to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine. All of the ones who were expected to be invited were invited. It's making Peyton Barber's decision look fairly smart.

Former Tiger Kevin Greene talked about his wait to be voted into the NFL Hall of Fame. It's been a long time coming, as he's been up for it for a long time.