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Link sAUsage: 15 February 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics

So, nothing happened over the weekend, right? Nothing at all? No?

Ugh, I wish.

Well, hey, at least most of it was good stuff. At least if you're a fan of Auburn's women's sports! So, let's get to the links.


First, the bad. The men's team didn't have the best outing this weekend. They once again struggled with all of the depth issues. Even some of the players who were in the game were dealing with injuries. The Tigers fell to Vandy 86-57.

For the ladies, things were much better. They've been on quite the roll over the last few weeks. They took down #16 Florida at home yesterday 80-58. That makes five victories in a row in SEC play as the ladies fight for an NCAA Tournament berth.


Auburn's equestrian team is doing pretty good this year. They're ranked #1 and went to Athens to face #2 Georgia this weekend. They came away with the 12-8 victory.


Did you hear? THE STREAK IS OVER! DOWN GOES ALABAMA! THEY'RE NOT GONNA KEEP 'EM OFF THE MATS, TONIGHT!!! Yes, that's right, nigh on 37 years of struggle and heartbreak ended thanks to Caitlin Atkinson's final floor routine. It was very much a team effort, though, and the team as a whole was amazing Friday night.

37 years is a very long time. How does a 37 year streak happen in the first place? Well, I took a shot at explaining just why things worked out that way.


Was last year a fluke? NOOOOOOPE. Good grief, the Tigers started off 2016 in a big way. This is something else I'll have more on a bit later today. It deserves its own write-up, and not just a quick link.


Soooooo, Dameyune Craig left to take a lateral move to LSU. I promise I'll have more thoughts on this later today. Count me in the camp that thinks while this is damaging, it's not the end of the world for Auburn football.

With football over for the year, how did all of the former Tigers in the NFL do this last season?