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Link sAUsage: 16 February 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images


The opening weekend rotation is out! We'll have a preview of the season from Kevin Ives (PlainsmanParkingLot) over the next few days. I'm probably going to break it up over a 2-3 day period since it's 4,000+ words long. To put that in perspective, the average article on here is 600-800 words.


After their victory against Alabama, the Tigers are at #8 nationally. Remember that discussion on breaking into the top levels and earning respect? Auburn has been in the Top 10 basically the whole season. Auburn's gymnastics team is definitely entering that top level.


The 2016 season started with a bang this weekend. How hot were the bats? Well, at one point Auburn batted around twice in the same inning. The Tigers scored 87 runs in their first five games.


Auburn has a new wide receivers coach less than 18 hours after the announcement was made official that Dameyune Craig was leaving Auburn for LSU. That coach? Former Auburn QB/WR Kodi Burns. Kodi has enjoyed quite the rise in the college football coaching ranks over the last few seasons.

Speaking of Dameyune Craig, I've got something y'all may want to read on the Craig situation and just what led to his taking the LSU job. While Auburn is taking the hit in the media, I really do believe this was more Auburn's move than it was Craig's.

That being said, I disagree with the notion that things are "slipping away" from Malzahn as some are saying, including AU beat writers on the Finebaum show. I actually think this is more Gus solidifying his control over everything to do with the offense. I think that's a good thing. I could still be proven absolutely wrong, though.