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Link sAUsage: 2 February 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Auburn had Family Day this Sunday as they prepare for the 2016 season. It begins for the Tigers in just over a week. There was a pretty good turnout at Jane B. Moore Field.


Auburn is ranked 10th going into this weekend's match. They're looking to get back on the right track after losses against Florida and Arkansas in the last two weeks. They will participate in a quad meet with Oklahoma, Illinois State, and Texas Women's University.


The poor golf team is ranked #1 in the nation and will open their spring schedule this weekend in Hawaii. That has to be rough.


After a quite embarrassing showing against UGA, the ladies got things back on track with a road victory in Baton Rouge. They left town with a 63-53 victory over the Other Tigers.

With the game against LSU coming up tonight, Auburn will at least have Cinmeon Bowers back to help take on Ben Simmons and the Tigers from the Bayou. Auburn knows what a test Simmons will be and they also know he isn't the only threat on LSU's team.


I examined where Auburn's recruiting class stands and gave a general idea of how I think the Tigers will close Wednesday as we reach National Signing Day 2016. We do know that Auburn will not offer Daniel Thomas as the "class is full," which probably means just at the Safety position and not that the Tigers are certain where they'll finish with every prospect. examines the best and worst case scenarios for Auburn on Wednesday for Signing Day. I tend to think it will end up at a happy medium, but that's just me.

As Super Bowl L approaches (I refuse to call it 50), looks back on some of Cam Newton's best moments from the 2010 season.