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Auburn Drops Another SEC Game to LSU, 80-68

It was close, then it was ugly, then Auburn fought back in it late, but couldn't pull off the comeback victory.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn's woes continued tonight, as the Tigers just couldn't hold off Ben Simmons and the LSU Tigers. Simmons almost had a double-double in the first half as he made everything look easy against the home Tigers. Auburn just did not have an answer for his offensive skills in the first half.

Auburn played tough in the early first half, keeping the game close. Simmons put up 19 points for LSU, and Auburn managed to play clean enough that they didn't even put LSU into the bonus in the 1st half. Bryce Brown was on fire early and was a large part of why Auburn hung in there. Auburn managed to close the gap to seven points after LSU had pulled away just before the half.

The second  half started out with a good defensive possession and then a deep pass that ended in an Auburn turnover. That sums up the first 10 minutes or so of the 2nd half. Auburn was playing sloppy and looking exhausted on the court. LSU had a 20+ point lead at one point midway through the period. However, LSU started struggling just a bit. Ben Simmons, after scoring 19 in the first half and looking indefensible, was held to just 2 points in the second half. His supporting cast picked up much of the slack, but it did allow Auburn to close the gap and make things a bit more interesting.

Auburn slowly ate away the lead in the second half until it was back to single digits. They couldn't get it close enough to really scare LSU, though. While Bryce Brown drained a few more three point shots, Auburn never could get Kareem Canty hot from behind the line, and they still allowed LSU too many open shots. LSU was able to walk out of Auburn Arena with an 80-68 victory.

The Tigers will be back in action Saturday in Athens against UGA. The game will be at 4:30pm Central Time.