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Link sAUsage: 23 February 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Gunnar Rathbun-USA TODAY Sports


The times for Sunday's games have been altered a bit so that people can spend time at both games if they want to. That's a very smart move that I'm glad Auburn decided to make.


ESPN asked men's and women's basketball coaches to read players' tweets. It goes about as you would expect.

Auburn is unlikely to have Tyler Harris this week against Georgia and that definitely stinks. Harris really had been on his best stretch of the year and having he and Dunans back would have been a big boost.


The men's team is leading after the first round of the Mobile Sports Authority Intercollegiate. They're down to #4 in the rankings, now, but that's still pretty great.


Even though they didn't win Friday night, Auburn remains ranked #8 in the country. It's strange to see so many "L"s on the schedule vs the "W"s, but know the team is still ranked in the Top 10.


Spring Practice begins in one week! This is not a drill! And with spring practice that close, we decided to take a look at which of the nine early enrollees may have the biggest impact for the 2016 season.

Speaking of the newcomers, the official site has a feature on linebacker Tre Threat.

ESPN has five players who are primed for a breakout year as sophomores, and Auburn has a player on their list. If that player has a "breakout" year better than his freshman season, then he'll be primed to be All-SEC at worst and maybe All-American.

Auburn has set the date for the 2016 Pro Day. It will be March 7th, which is two weeks from yesterday.