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Milton High School (GA) Baseball Team Reenacts Kick Six at Jordan-Hare Stadium

Want to see just how iconic that play was? A high school baseball team reenacts it almost 2 years later.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Milton (GA) High School's baseball team is visiting Auburn, today. They're touring the facilities and just enjoying the campus on a windy day. They're also taking the time to reenact some awesome pieces of college football history.

Points awarded for the awesome idea. Points deducted for doing it in the wrong end zone. To be fair, the construction inside the stadium has the spot where Davis actually ran to blocked off, so if you want to do the full 109 yards, it has to be done from the north end zone running to the south end zone.

Such a non-factor play long-term that will be forgotten by all since Alabama has won the last two Iron Bowls, right? So forgotten that a Georgia baseball team is reenacting it two years later while touring Auburn's facilities. Well done Milton High School!