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Link sAUsage: 26 February 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Don't forget that there's a ton of stuff going on in Auburn this weekend! Everett has all the info you need to catch it all!


#1 Auburn takes on #9 South Carolina this weekend. Auburn has been doing pretty well this year, which is obvious since, you know, they're ranked #1 and all.


Michael Johnson was named the SEC Golfer of the Week after shooting the third lowest score in Auburn history this past weekend.


Auburn defeated Boston College 5-1 last night, but now they're hosting the Tiger Invitational this Friday through Sunday. They'll face St. Johns, Western Illinois, and Indiana State over the next few days.


The Spring Practice Schedule is set! See when the Tigers will be practicing so you can know when we'll write things on it. It's not like you can go and observe any of it, yourself, unfortunately.

We know Gus Malzahn went to visit Art Briles at Baylor earlier this week. He spoke about it, yesterday. He mentioned how he, Todd Graham, Briles, and Hugh Freeze all started as high school coaches and are part of a circle who still talk to each other.

Who will be the starting tackles for Auburn next year? assumes Robert Leff is going to be the left tackle, but the right tackle is up for grabs. I'm not saying they're wrong by any stretch. Leff got a good bit of playing time in relief of Shon Coleman and he also played the "TE" role that Coleman did before taking over LT himself.

Landon Rice, Auburn's new tight-end, is joining his brother Logan and making it a family affair. They'll be joining brothers Nate Craig-Myers and Jayvaughn Myers.

Duke Williams met with the media yesterday in his first interview since leaving Auburn. From the sound of things, he was very remorseful for the things that led to his dismissal and understands that he was his own worst enemy. I really hope he's able to do great things in the pros.