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Auburn Tight End Chris Laye Leaving the Football Team

The redshirt sophomore is leaving the team.

Auburn special teams and tight ends coach Scott Fountain
Auburn special teams and tight ends coach Scott Fountain
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know if it's the lack of playing time even when he was the most experienced tight end on the team (which isn't saying a lot), but Chris Laye was apparently unhappy with the situation at Auburn and has decided to transfer.

Laye didn't receive much in the way of playing time during the 2015 campaign. Nor did fellow freshman Jalen Harris. Auburn didn't exactly use the TE position in 2015, which may have been part of the offensive problem. The Tigers started freshmen (either redshirt or true) at both the TE and H-Back position, and Gus went with the H-Backs in the majority of offensive sets.

This leaves Auburn in bad shape when it comes to the TE. It means there are only two scholarship players on the roster at that position in now sophomore Jalen Harris and true freshman (and thankfully early enrollee) Landon Rice. I do think Rice would win the first position on the depth chart even if Laye stuck around, though, and that's before you consider how much Auburn will probably still use the H-Backs, too.

We wish Chris all the best wherever he goes. I know he was a favorite of everyone's favorite British Auburn fan, Dee Ford.

Auburn starts spring practice this Tuesday, March 1st. Be sure to check back our story stream throughout the spring to catch up on all the stories!