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How to Watch Super Bowl 50 Live Online, Time, TV Schedule and More

It's Super Bowl Sunday!

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It's been quite the weekend to be a fan of former Auburn Tigers in professional football. Cam Newton was the Offensive Player of the Year in the NFL, and he won the MVP. Former Tiger great Kevin Greene was voted into the NFL Hall of Fame. That's all pretty fantastic, right there.

It's not over yet, though. Tonight Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers go for the victory in Super Bowl 50. Before any start thinking about how we're acting like Auburn is in the Super Bowl, remember that there are two other former Tigers on the Panthers' team in some capacity, as well (Reese Dismukes and Cameron Artis-Payne). It's a chance for them to do something special, too.

For Cam, there's a big piece of history out there, tonight. Marcus Allen is currently the only player to have a Heisman Trophy and College National Championship to go along with an NFL MVP and a Super Bowl trophy. Cam could join him, tonight. Cam's would be a bit more special, though. Allen's national championship came in his freshman year when he wasn't a major contributor. His Heisman came later. Cam's Heisman and BCS Title were in the same year.

Are you going to be watching the game, tonight? Of course you will be. Want a place on the internet to talk about the game? Well, here you go. Use this spot on the Auburn corners of the Internet to discuss the Super Bowl with fellow Auburn fans.

Go get 'em, Cam.

How to Watch Live & Online

This Super Bowl is interesting. There's going to be a multitude of ways to watch it. It's not just going to be the CBS Broadcast. You can also watch it on your phone, tablet, or computer. We've got all the info you need, here.


6:30 pm Eastern




Computer: (with commercials!)

Phone: These options will only work if you have Verizon. Other carriers are just SOL. You need to get the Go90 app. You can watch the game wherever you want, and you won't even have to worry about how much data it's going to use. Verizon isn't charging you data on this one. The NFL Mobile app will allow streaming as well, but only if you're on Verizon. I don't know if that's going to count against data, though, so I'd go with the Go90 app.

Tablet: Just download the CBS Sports app. That's it.

Consoles: Yep, what a world. Got an XBox One? AppleTV? Roku? Those have CBSSports apps. You can watch the game that way, too. Though, honestly, if you're doing that, why not just watch it on CBS anyway?