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Link sAUsage: 9 February 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics


The Tigers moved up to #8 after their performance in Texas over the weekend at the Texas Women's University. They take on Alabama this Friday night in another attempt to end that infernal streak.


Auburn will be doing a season long food drive. Bringing a non-perishable item to the game will get you a $1 drink coupon at the concessions!


Former Tiger Josh Donaldson was asked about his follow up to his MVP season. I love that he talks about it being the first time a school has had both MLB MVP and NFL MVP in the same season. I'd like to believe that he found that out from me since he retweeted my original tweet the other night. However, I must admit, I found out about it from a quote by Phillip Marshall a few weeks back.


What's going on with Auburn basketball right now? There's a lot. Maybe I should have saved that whole "Season of Murphy" thing for basketball, right?


For Auburn freshman Marlon Davidson, the Auburn Family is a bit more than just a saying. In case you weren't already aware, his brother is former Tiger Ken Carter.

A note on recruiting when it comes to 2017. Auburn is looking for quarterbacks since Lowell Narcisse de-committed. Narcisse is still the number one target on the board, though.

ESPN recapped Auburn's signing day. See what the experts there have to say about the Tigers' 2016 class.