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Link sAUsage: 1 March 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Ricardo Louis can jump
Ricardo Louis can jump
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Day 2 of the thrown-out back! It's getting a bit better, though. I was also able to write a lot, yesterday, without the drugs affecting me too much, so yay? Anyway, here's the links!


Chief Operating Officer David Benedict is heading to UConn to be the new Athletic Director. I'm honestly not sure what all Benedict has done while at Auburn. I believe he was originally hired as a sort of go-between for the coaches and Jay Jacobs during the initial dust-up with Sunny Golloway between his first and second season.


The Tigers won the second series of the year after getting back to .500 during the week, but all wasn't completely rosy. Auburn dropped the final game of the season to the previously winless Jaguars. They'll take on Alabama A&M in a two-game mid-week series Tuesday and Wednesday.


The Tigers are still ranked 8th in the nation following their third straight score of 197+ against Missouri. The official site has a feature on the trainer Janet Taylor and what she goes through to keep the Tigers healthy.


Week three is in the books, and it was quite the impressive feat as the Tigers scored a ton of runs and only allowed two. Auburn's pitching has been amazing, and the bats - while missing some of the boom from last season - have been doing pretty well, too.


There's been a lot of turnover on the Auburn staff in the last year. Many of them were graduate assistants and analysts, but those play a big part in the planning and execution of game plans. has the run-down of them.

Who will join T.J. Neal and Tre Williams as the third linebacker in the starting lineup? There are a few options to fill that role. My money is on Paul James if he plays as a linebacker. I still think he'll be more of a Buck / 4-3 linebacker/rush-end.

Travis Williams is really embracing his role as Auburn's linebacker coach, saying how much he lives and breathes Auburn.

The Combine ended, yesterday. There were some great numbers put up by former Tigers and there were some very bad ones. The best one may be Jonathan Jones' 40 yard dash time. To see all of the numbers and how they performed, check out our story on the Combine.