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Auburn Spring Practice 2016: 1 March 2016

Auburn hit the fields for the first time this spring preparing for the 2016 football season.

Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics

It's been a busy day in Auburn football. Early this morning it was noted that Auburn added another QB to the roster for the Spring. The Tigers picked up a 2018 commitment minutes later. That was followed within the hour by Gus Malzahn's opening press conference of the Spring.

All of that occurred before the Tigers even hit the field for practice for the afternoon.

The media window was brief - 20 minutes, as always - but a number of the beat writers got out some good tweets and video from that time frame.


Those are from Tweets. There's also video in links from the pay sites and beat writers. Unfortunately, some of it is behind paywalls. Click the links below and see what you can!

AuburnUndercover: Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers (Paywall).

Montgomery Advertiser: Quarterbacks stretching (Free).

Montgomery Advertiser: Quarterbacks in action (Free).

Montgomery Advertiser: Kyle Davis and Stanton Truitt working punt returns (Free). Roc Thomas in drills (Free). Malik Miller takes the field (Free). Unknown Video (Paywall).

Observations: has a good round-up of what they saw in the opening 20 minutes. The biggest observations of note for me were the first team offensive line "(Leff, Kozan, Golson, Smith, James), that Rudy Ford sat out (sick, apparently) along with Matthews, Dinson, and Kerryon Johnson, and that Tim Irvin - now that he's healthy - was working first team Nickel, again.

The offensive line sounds about like what I expected it to be. Irvin playing first team Nickel is a bit surprising, but that may be because Ford was out. Ford may slide over to the Nickel in some situations to put the best five DBs on the field when they're needed.

According to that report, Montravius Adams was not working with the first team defensive line. Nor was Dontavius Russell. Those were the two I suspected would start, but seeing Devaroe Lawrence there doesn't shock me. He was a beast in the final games of last season. I do like seeing Lawson and Cowart on the ends.

From the pictures and notes, it sounds like Kyle Davis will see the field early. That should come as no shock to anyone who knows how desperate Auburn is for great wide receivers. I suspect he'll be a Day 1 starter against Clemson.

Tweets of Player Press Meetings:

Robert Leff, Tre Williams, Marcus Davis, and Montravius Adams met with the media after practice. Here are some of their thoughts and answers to the press:

Tre Williams:

Robert Leff:

Marcus Davis:

Montravius Adams:

Best quote of the day? Best quote of the day. OK, this one is close, too.