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Link sAUsage: 10 March 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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It's another busy weekend in Auburn with baseball, softball, and gymnastics in town. Everett's got you covered on when those events are and what the promotions are for each, as always. Marvel at his find in that Young Kyler Deese photo, too.


Well, that happened. That's about all I can say. There was no SEC Tournament Magic to be had for the Tigers this season, as they had probably the worst performance of the entire season, last night against Tennessee. We'll postmortem the basketball season either this afternoon or tomorrow. There will probably be more than just one article on it, too. I'd like someone with more basketball knowledge than me to offer their opinions.


Auburn's Andie Dikosavljevic was named SEC Player of the Week for her efforts in Auburn's upsets of Texas A&M and LSU. I copied and pasted her name, because there is no way I was going to try to spell that one out without checking it 20 times.


WarRoom Eagle continues his "Zone Read Between the Lines" series with looking at Auburn's decision to cancel interviews for Tuesday's practice. I certainly hope by now everyone has realized that this whole series of posts is satirical. Y'all know that, right? RIGHT?!?

Expectations were high for Byron Cowart last season. They were high from fans and from Cowart himself. He's looking to make good on those expectations in his sophomore campaign.

It's been reported before, but Auburn equipment manager Dana Marquez is going to be awarded a Maxwell Football Club Award for Safety this Friday. That award is coming because of these amazing shoulder pads that he developed here at Auburn.