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Link sAUsage: 15 March 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Jade Rhodes
Jade Rhodes
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics


The Tigers are in Atlanta today to take on Georgia Tech. If you can, get there and drown out the Techies!


The Tigers are going to the Big Dance! Coach Flo's Tigers got the 9th seed in their regional, and will face St Johns in Waco in Round 1. Watch the team's awesome reaction to the news, here.


Et tu, Bruce?


The Tigers are ranked 6th nationally with the highest Regional Qualifying Score (RQS) in the team's history. That's pretty awesome. They go into the SEC meet this weekend.


The series didn't go quite like Auburn hoped, but at least the Tigers picked up a win in Monday's game! It was in rather dramatic fashion, too. Read all about the series, including Monday's victory, here.


Did you get the Eagles Nest tickets last year? Did you miss out on them? Well, they're going to be sold this year, too, and at a reduced price! I'm sure they'll be priced lower every year where we're not playing Georgia and Alabama at home.

There's a good feeling around the program this Spring, according to Chandler Cox. They're not dreading practices this year, either. Hopefully this type of thing carries over to the field in the fall. Last year's team, while they never gave up, never had what the teams before it did. The 2013 team had something special. Here's to hoping the 2016 team recaptures that magic. The Tigers are back to being the underdogs again, and looking to prove everyone wrong. That's just where they seem (at least to the fans) to do the best. has "11 things we've learned so far" about Auburn's Spring Practice. The things we most want to learn will probably have to wait until the fall, though.