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Link sAUsage: 22 March 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics


Have you noticed a difference in Auburn's approach to offensive baseball this season? Hitting coach Doug Sisson definitely takes a different approach to the game than the previous staff, and it's showing in the stats.

Alabama State will be in town tomorrow night at 6pm CDT for this week's midweek game. Midweek games have doomed the Tigers in previous years, so winning games like this one are important.


I missed it yesterday, but golfer Michael Johnson picked up his third individual win of the season - fifth of his career - in Statesboro this past weekend at the Schenkel Invitational. The team finished 5th overall.


Auburn is headed to Ann Arbor, Michigan for their NCAA Regional next weekend. The Tigers are ranked 6th in the nation and are the #1 seed in their region. Yes, it stinks that they'll be competing at Michigan and Michigan will be there, as well, but Michigan is the 7th ranked team, and apparently the 6 and 7 teams are always paired together. Every SEC gymnastics squad made it into the post-season. At least we're not LSU, who is headed to the UGA regional in Athens.


Auburn returns to the practice field today, and has 7 things to look for. Hopefully, sometime soon, we'll hear about the scrimmages where the QBs went live. I doubt we'll hear how they perform, though, at least not from the coaches directly.