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Auburn Spring Practice 2016: Update #8, Tigers First Scrimmage

Auburn scrimmaged, and the QBs went live. All credit in the tweet-cap to the beat writers who were there.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It's rare to see QBs wearing anything but "non-contact jerseys" outside of actual game time. Today, in Auburn's first scrimmage of the Spring, those jerseys were pulled and the QBs went live.

Early reports seem to be positive. I know one pay site said a source told them the QBs were mixing up between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team, and that John Franklin III had a few impressive runs.

Gus saying "that was by design" on John Franklin getting a lot of work isn't surprising. He IS the newcomer, and they need to see more of him to judge him against the other two. It also dampens any "Franklin got a lot of work, he's definitely the starter!" talk that you know will come up. I think Gus is going to be very happy with his decision to make the QBs live, too. He basically said as much in the press conference.

It's not rare to bring in SEC officials for scrimmages, but I am thrilled to hear that one of the focuses was working on pace with those officials. Pace is absolutely essential to Malzahn's offense. It's not letting the defense have time to really look to the sideline and make adjustments.

Boy, I hope Cowart's motor is revved and ready to go by Fall. I can't wait to see him and Lawson as bookends on the Defensive Line with any combination of Adams, Russell, and Lawrence in the middle.

Not a whole lot, but there're some good things to know about there. If you have a 247Sports account you can see what a former player told Phillip Marshall. I'll just say that what's in there is very nice to hear.

I believe a few players spoke, as well, but I've got to get to Atlanta and can't wait for those. I'll either update later, or link to beat writers' articles throughout the week (which is what I normally do for player meetings with the press, anyway).


There aren't many since the scrimmage wasn't open to the beat writers, but here's some from Charles Goldberg, who works for the official site.

The Tweets