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Link sAUsage: 29 March 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The Capital City Classic is tonight in Montgomery! It's a midweek game that doesn't count as a conference game, so neither team is going to be throwing their best pitcher. #MidweekMitch (Andrew Mitchell) is on the mound for Auburn, and he's pitched very well the last few games. The game is at 7pm CST in Montgomery. Auburn is 5-1 in the series since it's been in Montgomery.


Auburn assistant coach Chuck Person is a very legitimate candidate for the head coaching job at UAB. That would be a big blow to Auburn, but it would be a huge career move for Person, who has always wanted to be a head coach.


There have been questions about how durable John Franklin III will be given his size if he wins the starting QB job this fall. We addressed that issue and how the practice of QBs going live in the scrimmage could help in the long run. That really could have, and maybe should have, been separate articles, but I felt the points kind of fit together.

Jovon Robinson is looking to build on the way he finished in 2015 and live up to the hype and his own talk in 2016. According to some reports, though I think they're behind paywalls, Robinson has been a completely different person in practice this Spring. He's shown more dedication to practice and wanting to be the best.

The running back competition is a good one this spring, apparently. It seems Roc Thomas has found new life, as well. I don't think anyone has doubted Roc's talent. It's his ability to stay healthy and hold on to the football that have been a bit of an issue.

Jamel Dean has come along way from this time last year when he wasn't certain he'd be able to play football again. Now he's set to make a major contribution - perhaps even start - for Auburn's defense this fall.

Want to see Travis Williams on the practice field as a coach? 247Sports has a feature on him that includes video. He's apparently making some waves on the recruiting trail, as well, which isn't surprising given his energy.

You need to read LaDarius Owens' tribute to his uncle James, who passed away over the weekend.

You know those satellite camps that Jim Harbough has sparked so much talk about? Well, the NCAA as a whole is going to vote on whether to ban them or not next week. If they don't ban them, then the SEC's current ban on them ends this May, and you can bet that SEC coaches will jump into it full bore. posits some places were Auburn and Alabama may set up said camps.