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Auburn Football Spring Practice 2016: Update #9, Position Coaches Speak!

It only happens a few times each year, but the position coaches were available to the media today. All credit to the beat writers who were there.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There weren't a whole lot of tweets, as I'm sure most of the beat writers were gathering information for articles to write in the coming days, but there were some. Most of them were from Justin Ferguson or whoever is running WarEagleExtra for the Ledger-Enquirer, now. See them below.

Of note, it's not shocking to hear how much Travis Williams, or Kodi Burns, love being back at Auburn. You always get how special a place the school is just by seeing how much former players love returning to their program. I'm really liking the things they have to say, too. I think they'll both be excellent coaches. Travis has more experience than Kodi, so I'm more confident in him, but I do think Kodi will do well. He's just going to have to do it fast.

Rodney Garner is just the best. He is a recruits best friend on the trail and then once they get into school... they meet Coach Garner. He loves seeing highly ranked prospects get their first taste of college life. Byron Cowart worked through it last year, and now it's time for Marlon Davidson & Company to do the same.

The other coaches have their moments, as well. There will be other stories out over the next few days that put greater context to these quotes in the coming days. The Tigers are on the practice field for Practice #9 of the spring, today, so there may be at least one more update today. We'll see, though.


Travis Williams:

Rodney Garner:

Wesley McGriff:

Kodi Burns:

Herb Hand:

Tim Horton: