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Link sAUsage: 3 March 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


The Tigers finished the midweek series against Alabama A&M last night with a 5-0 victory to complete the sweep. They won Tuesday night 15-1. You can read our recap of the series, here.


The ladies begin the SEC Tournament Thursday morning against Missouri. That will be at 11am in Jacksonville, FL.

The men played in Hawaii in 2015, and they'll be going to another tropical place to play in 2016. Auburn will play in the Cancun Challenge against Purdue, Texas Tech, and Utah State Nov 22-23. There will be a few other teams there, too, but they haven't been announced, yet.


Three Tigers were named SEC Riders of the Month for February. Seniors Elizabeth Benson and Hannah Loseke along with sophomore Alexa Rivard earned the honors.


Tre Williams is embracing his role as the most experienced player (at least of those who've been at Auburn for a few years) at the linebacker slot. He's got a lot of talent and I have a feeling will be a good one at linebacker.

ESPN questions whether it will be Auburn or Texas A&M that will go on a run next season in football. Both teams have been having similar troubles over the last few seasons.