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Auburn Spring Practice #2: Gus Malzahn Press Conference Tweet-cap

Gus met with the media after Spring Practice #2. All credit to the beat writers who were there.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

So there's not a lot of variety here in this one. Either other beat writers weren't there, or they've decided to limit their tweets because they know I do this type of thing.

Nothing earth shattering in this press conference that he didn't mention Tuesday morning. There will be some live practices, and the QBs may go live at times to help determine who the starter should be. Establishing tempo fits with what Phillip Marshall said the other day about hearing Gus really wants to get back to playing at lightning pace.

Kamryn Pettway getting work at running back shouldn't be surprising. He was recruited at that position and then moved to H-Back because of his size. With our running backs consisting of multiple people who have had injury issues, it makes sense to get someone else some experience at the position while you can. Gus even hinted that Rudy Ford may see the field on the offensive side of the ball at times.

Tyler Queen being on a "pitch count" isn't all that surprising either, when you consider what he's coming back from. A-Day sure is going to be interesting to see what these quarterbacks can do and what they'll do against the defense. Most of last A-Day's defense was against the 2nd and 3rd team players due to injury.

The sports car bit was funny. That's quite a ride Gus picked up.

You can read a bit more from the recap. It's interesting that Gus mentions he's asking for the opinion of other coaches. I'm sure Herb Hand is going to be a big part of the planning this season.

That's it for this one. Apparently there was no media viewing period. Hopefully we'll get more Saturday.