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Link sAUsage: 30 March 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

This man wants his linebackers to RUN THROUGH THE BALL-CARRIER'S SOUL.
This man wants his linebackers to RUN THROUGH THE BALL-CARRIER'S SOUL.
Brian Bahr/Getty Images


The school has renewed it's licensing agreement with IMG College. This is the function that licenses Auburn's logos and approves everything with the University's trademark.


The bats were on fire and #MidWeekMitchell was throwing his usual stuff as the Tigers rolled over the Tide in the Capital City Classic in Montgomery, last night. It was a 10-1 victory for the Tigers.


The media met with the position coaches yesterday for the first time this spring. It's probably going to be the only time, as well. The Tigers rarely let anyone other than the coordinators meet with the press. See some of what they had to say, here.

If you want to know the quote of the day, though, it has to come from linebacker coach Travis Williams. Williams said that "When we get to the ball, we get to the ball with bad intentions. I don’t want to see sling-down blocks, arm tackles. I want you to actually run through somebody’s soul."

Rodney Garner got some good ones in, too. He's the master of being your friend in recruiting and a beast in your face in practice. Still, for the comment he made about Marlon Davidson being humbled a few times, Davidson is getting some first-team reps. has some brief observations from practice, including who was working with which team on the depth chart, and who wasn't participating in practice. I know I normally do recaps of those, but I just couldn't get to it.

Because that player wasn't practicing, and because of a combination of his practices and Xavier Dampeer's work at Center, Austin Golson is getting work as the starting left tackle. For Herb Hand, it's all about getting the best five on the field.