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Auburn Announces Long-Term Multimedia Rights Agreement With FOX Sports

The Tigers announced a new multi-media deal out of the blue, today.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn University issued a statement on its website this morning that the Tigers have reached a partnership with FOX Sports for exclusive management of "multimedia rights and sponsorship sales." This is a deal separate from the TV broadcast deal that the Southeastern Conference has with ESPN and the SEC Network.

In this deal, which Jason Belzer of Forbes says is worth $120 million guaranteed over 10 years includes "athletics-related radio, corporate hospitality, in-venue signage, social media integration, promotional activities, and intellectual property rights, as well as other mutually agreed upon inventory."

According to the school's press release, Auburn is one of a select group of schools to join FOX Sports in this endeavor. Others include "Southern California, Georgetown, Villanova, and the BIG EAST Conference."

Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs, in the school's press release, stated that

With FOX Sports, we are aligning our strategic goals with a national brand. Auburn will be one of a select group of Power 5 properties operated by FOX Sports. As a flagship property, Auburn will benefit from specialized and personalized treatment. This belief is supported by their revenue projections and their valuation of Auburn Athletics.

With FOX Sports South and FOX Sports Southeast regional sports networks, we feel they are in best position to take advantage of Auburn’s most critical markets and identify untapped opportunities for future partnerships.

Given that Auburn operated with a deficit for 2-3 years prior to the SEC Network money starting to pay off the money spent to increase the infrastructure, this extra $10 million/year will be a big boost to the Athletics Department. I don't know how much we, as fans, will notice this partnership in any sort of meaningful way. One of the best parts that I can see is the academic portion referenced in the press release that will give students more opportunities to further their experience and make connections prior to entering the real world.

Of course, if this means we have to see Clay Travis associated with Auburn in any way, shape, form, or fashion, then I don't know that it will be worth any of the money it will bring in.