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Auburn Pro Day 2016 Sights and Sounds

Tweets of videos and pictures from Auburn's 2016 Pro Day.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn's Pro Day was held today, and representatives from every NFL team but the Arizona Cardinals were here. New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was here in person, again. During last year's Pro Day, he observed Brandon King, whom the Patriots snatched up as an Undrafted Free Agent and became one of New England's top performers on Special Teams in 2015.

Plenty of Tigers and former Tigers were on hand. Duke Williams did participate, even after some beat writers wondered "what could possibly go wrong?" if he was allowed to take part.

Not everyone took part in every drill. There were some improvements, and some heartbreak, as well. Justin Garrett pulled a hamstring in the 40 after he'd been having a pretty good morning in every other department. You have to feel for him.

I'll have the stats available a little later. Below are a collection of pictures, videos, and more from the Pro Day courtesy of everyone there in attendance. Thanks in particular to Bryan Matthews who took video and Tweeted EVERYTHING it seems. I apologize for not organizing this by player to make it easier to consume. By the time I thought about it, it would have taken way too much work to do, and I didn't have the time while doing my regular job to re-organize it. Copying and pasting embeds take two seconds, but actually organizing it would have taken far longer.

It's worth noting that AuburnUndercover said Gus reached out to Xavier about Duke before agreeing to let Duke participate.

Oh no. I hope Justin is ok. Especially after putting up that impressive 28 reps on the bench.

Kind of shocked he did anything, today, really. He already had a spectacular Combine.