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Auburn Football Pro-Day 2016 Results

The numbers are in for the former Tigers taking part in Pro Day.

Sure, it's from the Combine. But it's related!
Sure, it's from the Combine. But it's related!
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The final results from today's Pro Day are in from the school, and you can see them below! Some of Auburn's top performers at the Combine, such as Ricardo Louis and Jonathan Jones, decided to stand on their Combine numbers and not participate in many of the events. Others, like Blake Countess, had a chance to show their stuff for the first time to the Scouts.

For those that competed in the Combine, you can weight their number today against their numbers in Indianapolis. For those who didn't, we'll talk about how they measured up to the players who did receive an invite. See below for the table and analysis!

Ht Wt Vertical Broad Bench 40 40
Peyton Barber 5-10 1/4 232 32 9'3 4.59 4.60
Shon Coleman 6-6 1/4 305
Blake Countess 5-9 3/4 184 36 1/2 10'1 21 4.57 4.49
Devonte Danzey 6-2 1/2 299 27 1/2 8'10 5.09 5.10
Kris Frost 6-1 7/8 242 31 1/2 8'10
Justin Garrett 6-1 226 31 9'4 28 4.73
Keymiya Harrell 6-4 1/4 266 30 1/2 9'3 20 4.94 4.88
Jonathan Jones 5-9 1/4 179
DaVonte Lambert 6-1 5/8 278 24 1/2 8'10 20 4.89 4.95
Ricardo Louis 6-1 5/8 212
Cass McKinzy 6-1 3/8 251 9'10 4.87 4.84
Melvin Ray 6-1 7/8 208 35 1/2 10'5 4.57 4.57
Duke Williams 6-2 1/8 220 30 1/2 9'10.5 4.70 4.72
Avery Young 6-4 7/8 327 25 8'1.5 20 5.38 5.34

Honestly, none of the players who took part in the Combine and then in today's Pro Day did much to improve or hurt their draft stock. The numbers were very close, even in the 40 yard dash times. Duke Williams had the most to gain by going through Pro Day, and his numbers were very close to the same, including in his 40. That's unfortunate for him as he was already the second slowest wide receiver at the Combine.

For those who didn't take part in Indy, Blake Countess' 21 reps on the bench would have put him at tied for second most for all defensive backs. His vertical jump was middle-of-the-pack, but his broad jump would rank among the lower. That's not unexpected given his 5'9 frame. His 40 times would have been among the lowest, which does not bode terribly well. Still, Countess was one of the better DBs on Auburn's team this season, and he may earn a shot somewhere.

Justin Garrett's 28 reps would have put him second among the linebackers in the bench press. His first run-through at 4.73 on the 40 would have been middle-of-the-pack. It's a shame he pulled a hamstring on his second attempt. He's a little light for a linebacker at just 226 lbs, though, as the League average is 248 lbs.

Melvin Ray's 40 time was about average for a wide-out, while his vertical would rank near the top of the Combine's numbers. His broad jump would rank at or near the very bottom, though. So it's hard to say just how much he really helped or hurt his status. For him, I think the defining factor would come down to how well he did in the drills.

For the rest, there isn't really much to say. No one put up any eye-popping numbers, and as noted above, no one really helped or hurt their cause any more than was already the case. We'll find out how this all shakes out come NFL Draft time in a few months.