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Link sAUsage: 8 March 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Kasey Cooper
Kasey Cooper
Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics


Auburn signed a giant new multimedia deal with FOX Sports, recently. The move was announced yesterday morning and is said to be $12 million guaranteed over 10 years. This will replace Auburn's deal with the IMG Network for radio broadcasts, ad sales, etc.


Bobby Barkley won't be Barnin' with us for much longer. He's going through his five best (or favorites of his, anyway) posts this week, and we created a story stream to contain them for everyone to remember.


Auburn will play Georgia Tech today in a mid-afternoon game. The Tigers need a victory to help lift them up after last weekend's bad experience.


The Tigers moved up to 7th in the national RQS rankings, which bodes well for their post-season opportunities. They have a decent-to-great shot at the SEC Title, this season, and hopefully will make the Super Six again, this year, too.


Kasey Cooper was named SEC Player of the Week again this week. That's her second week in a row with the honor, and its well deserved. She set an Auburn record for career home runs and hit .692 over the week. She's on quite the run this season.


A few Tigers earned spots in the NCAA Championships for their performance in the Zone B Diving Championships.


Pro Day happened in Auburn, yesterday. We had two posts on it here on the site. One is a huge collection of tweets containing pictures and videos from the event. For all of the results, there's this post to go along with it.

Blake Countess had the best day of the Tigers involved in Pro Day in terms of those who weren't involved in the Combine and participated in the events at Pro Day. Melvin Ray also had a pretty good day, too.

Duke Williams was back at Pro Day, and some of Auburn's beat writers were predictably snarky about the whole situation. Here's the story on the situation from them, though, if you need more info on just how they like to cover things, there. They make it sound like the incident with Dampeer was a fight between Williams and Dampeer. If that's the case, it's the first I've heard of it. From what I'd always heard, Xavier was trying to restrain Duke and took the hit during his efforts. Oh, and then there's the reporting of a "former Auburn player" (who never played a game for the Tigers and has been at multiple colleges, since) being arrested (Spoiler: it's Zeke Pike, so you don't have to click if you don't want to, and I wouldn't blame you).

For more fun with the media, there were those who thought Cam Newton's response to Peyton Manning retiring was not classy at all. Apparently the person behind that account has never seen any of Cam's other posts which are similar in nature and also misinterpreted Cam stating H1GH as "HiGH." I'm shocked that was never corrected or changed once tons of people pointed out that Cam always replaces the letter "i" with a "1."