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2016 Auburn Spring Practice #4 Recap

The Tigers were on the field for the fourth time of the spring, today.

Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics

I know this is late, but I was at the baseball game and needed to eat before I could get to this.

The beat writers were allowed to stay around a little longer in practice (since interviews were cancelled), but there were surprisingly not as many tweets from the day. There are a lot of articles with videos and pictures in their articles, which I'm going to link below!

Here are the highlights I came across, though:

There seems to be a lot of work on tempo (Woo hoo!).

Yes, Gus wants to limit substitutions, which also helps tempo.

The order at QB was 1) Jeremy Johnson 2) Sean White 3) John Franklin.

Paul James was on the practice field! That's good news for Auburn. Rudy Ford was still out, though.

For videos, here are some handy links to most all of them for your convenience:

Auburn Undercover: OL, DL, QBs and WRs.

Rivals: Coaches, QBs, linemen, returners.

Scout: I have no idea, it was taking too long to load, but it's more footage! Sean White at QB and Kodi Burns working with the WRs.

The link also discusses the depth chart for today's practice. I know plenty of you are panicking at the QB depth chart. I'd point out that Franklin has been on campus for all of four practices right now, and I also don't put it past Gus Malzahn to mess with the beat writers by not letting them see a true depth chart even when he's letting them see more time than they normally do.

I'm extremely happy to hear about the focus on tempo. Being concerned about substitutions isn't surprising, either. That's one of the main things that slowed Auburn down this year. For one, you have to make the subs. For another, you then have to wait until the refs allow the defense to sub.

Paul James on the field for the first time this spring is very good news. Very, very good news. I think he's going to be a key component to Auburn's pass rush, and we need him on the field practicing and working out.

Aaaand, that's about it for this one. Hopefully we'll hear more from the coaches after Thursday's practice.