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Auburn Embarrassed by Tennessee, 97-59

That was hard to watch.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

So this game is best not talked about, to be honest. It was bad. It started bad, and it got worse. Tennessee opened on a big run before Auburn scored their first points. Tennessee hit shots while no one from Auburn could seem to get anything to drop. Auburn had bad turnovers, cheap fouls, and absolutely nothing seemed to go right.

I said in the preview that this game could have any possible outcome. I said Tennessee could win big. I did not expect it to be THAT big, though. Auburn has lost a lot of games by a lot of points, but getting near doubled-up with a final score of 97-59? That's beyond embarrassing.

The story of the 2015/16 Tigers basketball team will be interesting in years to come. Will it be looked at as an aberration or proof that Auburn basketball is snake-bitten? I tend to think it's the former. We'll talk more about that in the coming days, though.

There's really nothing good to highlight from this game. Cinmeon Bowers had two good dunks. That's pretty much it for good highlights of what Auburn did, tonight. Nothing else was good. Bruce Pearl getting a technical for arguing a foul and yelling at the head of officiating is about the only other good thing, and I only say that's good because the game was already out of hand and I like seeing Bruce fired up.

The team played sloppy and sluggish. It really looked like they knew there was no chance of a miracle run this season and were just ready for the year to be done. Cinmeon and Tyler Harris just didn't have the ability of KT Harrell, Malcolm Canada, and Antoine Mason to motivate their fellow players.

The 2015/16 season is over. Thank you to the seniors. Thank you to Cinmeon Bowers, who was so frustrating at times, but so beautiful at others. Thank you to Tyler Harris for your one season here as a graduate transfer. Thank you especially to Jordon Granger. You endured two years of Tony Barbee and then had two years with Bruce Pearl. I'm sorry it had to end like this for all of you, but you'll always be special to us all. You'll always be Auburn Men.

War Eagle, y'all.