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Link sAUsage: 11 April 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Kamryn Pettway runs with a big head of steam.
Kamryn Pettway runs with a big head of steam.
Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics

So, there's a ton of A-Day stories out there over the last day or so. I'm still going to do a more in-depth look at the game since I'll actually be able to watch a broadcast rather than just trying to go off memory.


Losing 2 of 3 to Missouri was something Auburn really couldn't afford to do this weekend. Unfortunately, it's exactly what happened. This team just can't seem to get every piece working together at the same time.


ESPN examined the top teams in SEC Softball. Of course Auburn is mentioned, as the top-ranked or second-ranked team in the conference depending on which ranking system you use.

The ladies kept their winning ways going with a very tough sweep of the visiting Longwood Lancers. The scores were pretty close in this one. Longwood gave Auburn a better game than many conference foes have.


A-Day really didn't show us much of anything about next season's team, except maybe that the defense looks good. Here are my immediate post-game thoughts. Here's what Gus Malzahn himself had to say about the game immediately afterwards. If you just want to read about it, then check out his comments on the defense's performance.

Of course, how much of that do we really know? Not everyone played on offense or defense. Half of Auburn's presumed starting defensive backs (Carlton Davis and Tray Matthews) didn't play. Others were limited, as well.

How's that QB race going? No one knows. Saturday really didn't tell us anything. You can see JF3 throw a touchdown pass, here. See what some of the QBs had to say about the game and themselves here. Two of them address their futures with Auburn. Jeremy Johnson had a touchdown pass, as well. He hit Roc Thomas on a short 8-yard pass in the redzone (hey, a redzone forward pass!!!).

Malik Miller left the game with an apparent injury after just a few rushes. The coaches said he tweaked his ankle just a bit.

Kevin Steele is focusing on moving the defense forward. I'm thinking he's gotten things on a great track, so far. We'll see come September.

One person who has every reason to be happy with how Saturday went is Daniel Carlson. #Legatron connected on all of his field goals, including two from 50+. That's even with the wind whipping all around the stadium.

Hey, remember all the talk about Texas Tech transfer David Webb a few weeks back before he committed to Colorado? Well, it appears he still plans on visiting Auburn.