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Link sAUsage: 12 April 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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So that nifty van with the wrap of the eagles on it that the Southeastern Raptor Center uses to transport those awesome birds around? It broke down. They're asking for donations to help buy a new one.


Two Auburn athletes have been nominated for the SEC's prestigious McWhorter Scholar-Athlete Post-Graduate Scholarship.


The Tigers are in Kennesaw tonight to take on Kennesaw State. They had a game scheduled at Auburn earlier in the season, but it was called due to rain. Auburn was leading that one.


Apparently the SEC's top gymnast has had a lot to overcome in her life. It's a very impressive story, and one you should check out as the Tigers prepare for this weekend's NCAA Championships!


One of our commenters had some commentary on A-Day that I put on the Front Page, yesterday. It's a rather busy week for me at work (and next week won't be any better), so content may be a little sparse. This is also a reminder that the Fan Post option is there. Have something in-depth to say that a comment won't handle? Write something there!

Auburn has been in talks with UAB about a future football game. The Blazers will bring back football in 2017, but Auburn's OOC schedule is filled for that year. It would likely be in 2019 or beyond. Alabama, however, still refuses to play them.

There's a Scarbo article about it being too soon for Auburn to panic but not much cause for optimism. I'll be honest... I didn't read it. Just the title of it lets me know it's pointless. You can't tell anything from Spring Games. A-Day over the course of the last few seasons (and more) has told us that.

You can see everything has about A-Day, here.

Jovon Robinson thought Auburn's tailbacks showed plenty in A-Day. That's one thing I can agree with. Cox showed a good burst of speed, Pettway runs like a tank, and Robinson we've known has break-away capability.

The biggest take-away from Cox's run is something Jerry Hinnen pointed out in the return of War Blog Eagle (since he left CBS) on The War Eagle Reader... there was a big hole for that boy to get through against a pretty good defensive line. There's hope in that offensive line, y'all.

Just how big was the role of the SEC in banning Satellite Camps? The Commish talks about it. Only one P5 conference was for them: the B1G. Actually, only the conferences from the northeast were for them.