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Auburn Football Continues to Increase Social Media Recruiting Presence

The Tigers have added a new Social Media account across a number of networks for recruiting purposes.

Gus Malzahn

A few months back, when Herb Hand was hired as Auburn's offensive line coach, I brought up his prowess in Social Media and that he could help the Tigers step up their game in that arena. Auburn hasn't been near as active on Twitter, Instagram, etc under Gus Malzahn as many programs around the country.

Shortly afterwards, once the 2016 recruiting cycle was closing, Auburn came out with the #AmbUsh17 hashtag to push recruiting. It became obvious that Auburn was stepping into the Social Media game. Today, they took another step in that direction.

You may already follow the Tigers' official football account, @FootballAU on Twitter or @autigersfootball on Instagram. Now, if you want to see the "edits" and other things the school produces for recruiting, you're going to need to follow a new account: @AuburnA1. That account lists its name as "Auburn FB Recruiting." Here is the account's first Tweet:

It's not just a Twitter, thing, though. They're also on Instagram:

Tradition and excellence, that's #AuburnA1! #WarEagle

A photo posted by Auburn Football Recruiting (@auburna1) on

Update: And because nothing on Social Media is complete without a hype video, there's this:

So what do you think of these new efforts? Will it help catch the eye of top prospects? I guess we'll see. I know players have shown their love for Auburn's edited photos in the past, so it makes sense that this will also be successful.

I have to say, though, the "buzzwords" in the background of that first embed? Woof. Who thought those were good ideas? I think the best reaction I saw on Twitter was this one:

Our own contributor playmaker had a pretty good one, too:

Then there's this, too.

I held out a bit of hope that this was a parody account someone came up with, but nope, that does not appear to be the case.

I'm not saying I don't like the idea behind the account because I actually love having a recruiting-focused account on Social Media. I think it's a smart idea and something that plenty of other schools are doing these days. I just don't get the "AuburnA1" name and cringe at the word usage in the first image.

What about your thoughts? Sound off below!