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Watch A-Day in less than 20 minutes

Every play! Offense vs defense! Field goals vs wind! Punts vs nobody!

Just about everything there is to say about A-Day has been said. Each quarterback had good and bad moments. The defense was flying around out there. The running back depth looks good once you put Cox and Pettway back there. #LEGATRON. Etcetera, etcetera.

So I won't take the time to break it down any further. It'd be like me describing the differences between vanilla ice cream and French vanilla ice cream. It's still vanilla.

Instead, go check out Walt's initial reaction and his in-depth analysis if you missed them. See OhIndeedMaybe?'s report. Shoot, take a look at Jerry Hinnen's take on the whole "what does this mean?" question.

And then wait. Sure, the NFL draft is coming up and SEC Media Days will be here before you know it. But in reality, we have a long time to wait before fall camp, not to mention real honest to goodness football. But we'll make it. I think.

How many days?