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Link sAUsage: 15 April 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Anthony Hall / Auburn Athletics


Game 1 of the weekend series vs Tennessee is in the books. It was the polar opposite of last week's first game on the  mound. In that one, Cole Lipscomb was rocked and Ben Braymer pitched lights out. In this one, Ben Braymer was rocked and Cole Lipscomb pitched lights out. Unfortunately, the bats couldn't make up the difference.


Auburn has only lost one meet during the 2015/16 season. The Tigers are looking to finish the year off in style with a national championship.


The ladies are out in Ft. Worth for the NCAA Championships, which will be taking place today and tomorrow. See the news on it from the official site. They're ready to prove that they belong among the top teams in the nation.


Senior Michael Johnson is a semifinalist for the Ben Hogan Award. That's a pretty big honor for collegiate golfers. Johnson has been a big bright spot for the Tigers in his career and is currently sitting at the lowest average round for school history at 69.69 (double nice).


So, about that "Auburn to the SEC East" stuff. I gave my thoughts on the matter, yesterday. I know Brandon Marcello and others have called Auburn, the SEC, just about everyone, and reported that there are no talks in place. The thing is, Gus Malzahn never said there were. He just said he believed that was a discussion that would be had.

Darrell Williams is someone Auburn says really stepped up this Spring, apparently. That's a very good thing for Auburn, who really needs quality depth at the linebacker spot. It was also very visible in the A-Day game. I'm starting to like Travis Williams more and more as a linebackers coach.

Gus plans on getting back to his roots, according to ESPN. I'm not quite sure what that means since his initial roots were as a pass-happy team. There's some pretty candid stuff that he spoke about such as not being as much of a "CEO Coach." I do find his comments on the team taking on multiple personalities and then the number he mentions coincides with the number of coaches who departed.

Here's a pretty good profile of true freshman (and early enrollee) Marlon Davidson. He may have lost his 5th "star" late in the recruiting process, but he definitely practiced like a 5* with college experience this spring. #3 is going to be a force for the Auburn D. The official site has a feature on him, as well.

Offensive Lineman Jordan Diamond has decided to call it quits on his football career. He was a career backup who was always spoken of with praise, but who also always ended up with injuries right when things were looking good. We wish him the best in his life post-football.