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Auburn Spring Practice 2016: Practice #11 and Gus Malzahn Press Conference

Updates from Gus Malzahn's Saturday meeting with the media following practice.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There were no real updates to come out of Thursday's practice, so while this is Practice #11, this is only our 10th update in this style. If you want to check out everything we've done this Spring, just click this handy link! There's not a whole lot of information, but there's some pictures, video, and some good bits from Gus' PC.

Before Gus met with the media, it was known from an early report that Tyler Queen and John Franklin III were live in this morning's scrimmage, while Sean White and Jeremy Johnson were not. My first thoughts on that were that it's because they've seen Johnson and White taking hits before. Gus said in his PC that it's because he wanted to see how he did with controlling the ball. I wonder if he fumbled a good bit last week or if he just wanted to see more about how he was in not throwing dumb interceptions when trying to avoid hits. The little nugget from Brandon Marcello (who ended his run with the Auburn beat, yesterday, but still put out that tweet) is particularly exciting.

It's hard to imagine running back being a position of questionable depth after the last few years, but with Kerryon Johnson missing the spring and Peyton Barber gone, it really is a rather empty position. Auburn only signed one running back in the 2016 class, Malik Miller, but thankfully he's on campus this spring. Pettway and Cox definitely have the body style to be bruising short yardage backs.

It's nice to hear Ryan Davis and Darius Slayton are stepping up. Slayton has some series wheels and could be the best choice for a deep man to take the top off the defense. Ryan Davis is the shortest of the bunch, but we know he's great on Woody, already.

I know I shouldn't, but it's hard not to get excited about the thought we could have a very good defense this season. All the pieces are in place. The question will be what Kevin Steele can call on game day. I love hearing someone like Marlon Davidson is coming along fast. We know what we have in the others. There's so much potential in this D if the linebackers can find some good talent to go along with Williams, Davis, and T.J. Neal.

I'm guessing Auburn's opening day offensive line is going to be Austin Golson, Alex Kozan, Xavier Dampeer, Braden Smith, and Robert Leff. I can live with that. I hope Darius James is able to find some consistency to be ready if he's needed, though.

And now, to the Tweets!


Gus Malzahn Press Conference