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NCAA APR Data Released: Auburn Football Second Highest in SEC

Auburn's sports programs are in pretty good shape, academically.

Todd Van Ernst

It's good to see that Auburn's sports programs are performing in the classroom as well as on the field. Six of Auburn's sports teams (Men's Cross Country, Women's Cross Country, Gymnastics, Women's Basketball, Women's Golf, and Women's Tennis) posted perfect multi-year scores (four years are used to compile the multi-year). Teams like Men's Basketball are close to reaching that level, as well. In terms of single-year APR, 13 of 18 teams reached the perfect score mark.

Jay Jacobs mentioned improving the APR in his goals for Auburn Athletics, and it looks like the Tigers' sports programs have reached his marks. The Tigers are second in the SEC to only Vanderbilt in the Multi-Year assessments of APR.

SEC fanbases love to talk football, though, so be sure to point out to all of your non-Auburn friends that Auburn is not only 2nd in the SEC in overall APR, but in football, as well.

It definitely sounds like things are good on the academic front. Now we just need a few of those major programs to get going on the actual sporting front.