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Auburn Baseball Drops LSU Series

The weekend started great, but didn't end so well.

Andrew Mitchell got a weekend start, but the results were the same as the last few Sundays.
Andrew Mitchell got a weekend start, but the results were the same as the last few Sundays.
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics

Saturday, Game 1 (8-5 Victory)

Blake Logan has been on a bit of a role over the last few games in the RBI department, and Saturday was no exception. Logan tallied 4 of Auburn's 8 runs in Auburn's Game 1 victory. Anfernee Grier was in on the hit-party, too, with 3 hits for the afternoon.

The runs started for Auburn in the 3rd inning, when they picked up 4 runs for the early lead. LSU got two back in the top of the 4th, but a 2-run Josh Palacios home run helped the Tigers get the runs back. Auburn added a single run in both the 7th and the 8th innings for a little more comfort. LSU didn't want to make it too easy, though, rallying back in the 9th for 3 runs before Auburn was able to record the final out and get the victory.

Saturday, Game 2 (6-8 Loss)

Game 2 was almost a reverse image of Game 1. LSU slowly built up a big lead throughout the game and went into the 9th with an 8-2 lead. It looked for a bit like the Bayou Bengals would get out with a big victory, but Auburn wasn't going to make it too easy. With 2 outs in the 9th, Auburn reeled off 4 runs, and at one point had the winning run at the plate before ultimately giving up the final out and dropping Game 2 with a score of 6-8.

Sunday, (5-10 Loss)

Saturday's theme of every time Auburn picked up runs, LSU answered right back continued on into Sunday. Auburn helped them along with two hit batters, two errors, and giving up a few long balls deep over the monster. The most devastating was the 7th inning 3-run shot right after Auburn rallied with two runs in the 6th to close the deficit to one. LSU added one more before it was over, and the final was a 10-5 Auburn loss.

Andrew Mitchell got the start in this one, moving from his usual Mid-week spot. The results were similar to previous games, though, as he allowed 6 runs in his four innings pitched. Auburn's Sunday woes have been frustrating, to say the least.

With Auburn's SEC record now at 2-7, things aren't looking too spectacular for Butch Thompson's first team to make the post-season. He's got a very uphill climb to attempt to right the ship on the Plains after the last few seasons. It's frustrating, but this is definitely one of those multi-year projects. He's working with a team that has virtually zero sophomore class thanks to Sunny Golloway running off one of his own classes.