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Jonathan Jones Signs as an Undrafted Free Agent With the New England Patriots

Earlier reports that he was a Jaguar were ultimately inaccurate. We apologize. Explanation below.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So, earlier we had this story with word that Jonathan Jones had signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. That was due to seeing other blogs and a tweet from a sports agency reporting that information. It was, obviously, ultimately incorrect. We try to be good about these, and I generally wait for confirmation before posting. I thought the multiple reports I had seen were confirmation. Now to the story with the correct information...

Jonathan Jones wasn't on too many peoples' radars before the NFL Combine. He's 5'9, which is very short for an NFL cornerback. However, 4.33 speed will turn some heads. His 19 reps on the bench press caught some eyes, as well.

He evidently caught the eye of the Patriots, who signed him as an Undrafted Free Agent.

Jones was an All-SEC cornerback in 2014, but the injuries he's had throughout his career prevented him from ever reaching his full potential. His 2015 campaign - coming off foot surgery - wasn't what he'd hoped for in his senior campaign. Of course, the same could be said for everyone on the Auburn defense in 2015, as so many players were out with injuries at various times.

Jones is short, but he's got great coverage ability and great speed. As his draft profile says, he could be an excellent cover player for the speedier slot receivers of the NFL. He's also more than willing to lay it all out to make the big play. He had 6 interceptions in the 2014 season, including a few that were in spectacular fashion.

I understand that Jones may not excite fans of the Patriots at first glance. A fully healthy Jonathan Jones will be a big boost to their team, though. The foot injury that required surgery last summer still lingered through the 2015 season. His excellent 2014 campaign is the one to look to.

Good luck, Jonathan. War Eagle!