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Link sAUsage: 5 April 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Student Sports


The first annual Dufner Dash 5k was held this past Sunday. I somehow forgot about it, which is annoying, because I really wanted to run in it. Read about the race and what all it benefits.


Derrick Brown says he tried to stay humble during his recruitment and he won't come in to Auburn with a 5* recruit mentality. That's definitely a good thing, since Rodney Garner is the master of humbling star recruits.

One such recruit who had to experience that last year is Byron Cowart. He definitely didn't have the freshman campaign that he was hoping for, and is leaning on Coach Garner to get him to where he needs to be.

Meanwhile, Travis Williams is trying to instill a new mentality into Auburn's linebackers. I'm still hung up on the whole "run through their soul" thing, because that's just awesome.

That depth at running back is mighty thin, right now, so it's no surprise that the Tigers are preparing Malik Miller like he's going to be on the field this fall. If Jovon, Roc, and Kerryon are all healthy, then things should be just fine. If they deal with injuries, then Miller definitely may be called upon.