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Link sAUsage: 7 April 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Kenny Moss / Auburn Athletics


Here's the recap from Tuesday night's game against Georgia State that featured 15 strikeouts by Auburn's pitchers.

The Tigers will be in Missouri this Thursday through Saturday, in what is definitely a must-win series, and Auburn really needs to sweep it.


The ladies took down Troy last night 8-1. In that game, Lexi Davis became the leader in career wins for Auburn softball with 61. Congrats, Lexi!

FOOTBALL has a feature on Jeremy Johnson and the qualities he brings to the QB race as the most experienced player at the position. By all reports, Johnson has been the best QB so far in the Spring. That means nothing, really, though, as the QB race will go well into fall.

What have we learned about Auburn's offense so far this spring? asks and answers with their own opinion.

Kevin Steele is known as a pretty decent linebackers coach in his own right. How much is he taking part in or does he let Travis Williams do what he wants? Well, from the sound of things, it appears he's more than willing to turn T-Will loose to do his own thing.

Here's some travel and parking tips for A-Day this weekend. Kickoff is 3:00pm. We'll have a "how to watch" and more information on that tomorrow.