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Since I seem to like looking at my own writing going off of the length of my posts sometimes I figured I'd try one of these fan post things.

Please note these are just after watching the game one time, so I'm sure I'll have missed some things that Walt and the other regular writers on here will catch so that'll be interesting to see (looking forward to it!). Depending on the position group I either went more player by player on notes or went overall on position group with one or two notes for some individuals.

Hope whoever reads enjoys :)

Offense overall:
- Very vanilla for the most part
- Behind the defense
- Issues on 3rd down and red zone
- Explosive plays
- QBs mostly not in a rhythm
- WRs steady though not really spectacular - no really bad blocking that I noticed other than one block in the back I think?


- White
-- Accurate
-- Ball security issues
-- Issues in the red zone/no TDs
-- Comfortable
-- Best day statistically
-- Seemed to get in the best rhythm of the qbs

- JJ
-- Accuracy/miss-communication issues
-- Nice TD throw
-- Almost perfect deep throw got dropped - couple of nice deep throws late that were misses or drops
-- Play calling seemed off while he was in? Conservative?
-- No turnovers
-- Calm/Didn't seem flustered/Hung in the pocket
-- Had issues getting in a rhythm but seemed to come on late 1st half early 2nd half well

- Franklin
-- Fast
-- Accuracy issues
-- TD pass
-- Seemed cool and collected
-- Didn't look that small to me

- Jovon
-- Ran very well
-- No real negatives
-- Nice burst
-- Took care of the ball

- Roc
-- Good hands, TD grab
-- Had a good run or two had a not so good run or two
-- Overall he did ok

- Malik Miller
-- Ran hard and pretty well
-- Got injured somewhat early

- Cox
-- Good runs/ran hard
-- Not the fastest guy
-- Didn't notice on the blocking

- Pettaway
-- Did really well running
-- Surprising speed
-- Delivered some shots running the ball
-- Didn't notice on the blocking

- Didn't see anything noteworthy
- May have been a target late but overthrown
- Didn't notice on blocking


- Slayton
-- Good speed
-- Dropped deep ball....

- Marcus Davis
-- Steady
-- Did pretty well
-- Adjusted well on the TD reception to beat the DB

- Stevens
-- Had some receptions
-- Think involved with a miss-communication with JJ in the red zone (may have been Davis)

- Ryan Davis
-- Long TD run called back
-- Couple of receptions

- Jason Smith
-- Couple of receptions
-- Nothing spectacular

- Issues handling D-line especially Ends and Adams at DT
- Mix bag/up and down
- Made some good pockets but also allowed some sacks
- Good holes at times and not getting a good push at others
- Centers seemed to do just fine on snaps

Defense overall:
- Good effort and speed to the football
- Good job on 3rd downs
- Good job in the red zone mostly
- Pressure on the qb and tackles for loss, disruptive
- Gave up a good many big plays
- Reminded me of the 2010/2013 defenses - gave up plays but getting stops

- Overall played well
- Pressure and disruptive in the backfield, made plays
- Gave up some big runs
- Lawson looked good, got pressure and at least 1 sacks
- Adams looked good, very disruptive
- Davidson didn't play like a freshmen....
- Cowart's name not called?
- Jackson blew up a play

- Up and down, though played better than expected
- Made tackles and went to the ball well
- Got taken in on some of the miss-direction
- Tre Williams should be good
- Darryl Williams played pretty well though showed inexperience

- Pretty decent coverage
- Gave up some big plays on deep balls
- Dropped an INT or two
- No one really stood out with any big plays to me
- Ford and Boston called for personal fouls

Special teams:
- Hard to evaluate on punting. Wasn't terrible I guess?
- Carleson is money

I guess my 5 takeaways from the game would be the following:

1. The defense seems to be getting more sound in fundamentals and are building off of last year's improvements. Defenders were moving to the ball well and tackling was sound it looked like. They were still giving up too many big plays, but overall the defense got the best of the offense today I'd say.

2. The offense has a ways to go but there does seems to be some potential for success there. The offense struggled a good bit but it was making big plays and pace was pretty present during the game.

3. Special teams look like they will be solid again. Carelson was really really good today, though punting, return game and coverage couldn't really be evaluated well/at all, but I'd assume we should be ok there.

4. We need somebody to step up and be a game breaker at WR. The WRs were steady especially Marcus Davis but there was a lack of big plays other than a couple and some missed opportunities elsewhere including a bad drop on a deep ball. I didn't notice any bad or lack of effort on blocking by the WRs but like I said I've only seen the game once at this point.

5. Nothing to panic about and some things to get excited about. Which is what you want from a Spring game I'd think. Offense being behind the defense is supposed to be the norm which is exciting for the defense as the depth seemed to show on that side of the ball given how the 2nd team hung against the 1st team offense.

Thanks to whoever stopped to read this and War Eagle!

P.S. if you noticed some other things or disagree with anything please comment and let me know.

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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