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Auburn A-Day 2016 Immediate Post-Game Thoughts

Looking back at the 2016 Spring Game through the eyes of just having watched the game.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Spring Game is in the books. A-Day is over. Auburn has one more practice to go before they break for the summer, but we're not likely to know much about that.

So, what did we learn from A-Day 2016?

Pretty much nothing. Nada. We know nothing more - about the offense, at least - than we knew at the end of the Birmingham Bowl.

Honestly, I didn't expect much else. Did you think Gus would unleash the full fury of the playbook? He said in the post-game that the offense was very vanilla, and that was by design. Nothing spectacular was going to be shown. John Franklin III wasn't asked to do much. Nor was Jeremy Johnson. Sean White threw the ball - and looked good doing it from first viewing - but that's about it.

The defense looked good. Paul James looked good getting into the backfield. Carl Lawson was Carl Lawson. Rudy Ford was Rudy Ford. John Broussard, a true freshman, even got after it a good bit.

If I had to pick a QB coming out of this game, I'd pick the one I had in mind going into it: Sean White. He showed off some wheels at times, and he definitely looked to be the more accurate of any of them. However, none of the others were really given a chance to show much.

Jovon Robinson looked good. Chandler Cox and Kamryn Pettway looked good. There will be talent on the offense. I don't remember seeing Malik Miller, but that could be due to the amount of bourbon I had before the game.

Overall, what do I think about this "game"? I think it was a scrimmage that showed nothing more than Gus Malzahn wanted to show. Maybe even less. We have no clue where this team stands. We're not going to. I think the defense can been good, maybe even great. I think #Legatron is as money as he was last season. Maybe even more so. Other than that? We'll see when the season opens against Clemson.

To satisfy one of our contributors... what does this A-Day tell us?

War Eagle, y'all.