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Link sAUsage: 10 May 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Jackson Burgreen took part in his graduation commencement in Auburn Saturday along with three other teammates. That doesn't sound impressive until you remember that they played a game in Tuscaloosa Friday night and then another one Saturday evening.

There are two midweek games for the Tigers this week beginning tonight. The Tigers will take on Troy and Kennesaw State Tuesday and Wednesday.


Where are Auburn coaches headed as a part of this whole Satellite Camps thing? We know three places they're going to be, and so far they're all in the southeast.

It's looking more and more like Jovon Robinson will be the starter and the workhorse at running back for the Tigers. That's good news, since the last three seasons have been filled with Gus Malzahn figuring out which running back was the best. A QB that gets the lion's share of the carries from Game 1 under Malzahn has potential to have some record setting numbers.

Gus spoke at another Tiger Trek, this time in Huntsville, and discussed QBs, Kerryon Johnson, and other Auburn topics. Unfortunately, on the QB front, it appears Tyler Queen will be going through yet another off-season surgery, this time on his shoulder.

Even with his recent arrest, Carlton Davis is basically a lock to be the starting cornerback on one side for Auburn. He was Freshman All-SEC last season, and is one of the more talented DBs Auburn has had in years.

It's the offseason, so let's stir the pot! Kirby Smart is "used to beating Auburn," apparently. Well, Alabama was pretty much used to beating everyone, and Auburn did better against him there than most every other team.

Can you really say there's a "tough stretch" for an SEC football team? Unless all of their non-conference games are strung together, pretty much every "stretch" is tough. ESPN examines their thoughts on Auburn's, though.

Who are the five best SEC QBs of the last decade? I'm guessing you can pick one from Auburn!

Let's play with the conference make-up! That's another typical off-season topic, and ESPN has 16-team conferences. Nothing beats WarRoom Eagle's conferences without gerrymandering.