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Link sAUsage: 13 May 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Haley Fagan will get her first start of the season against Alabama, today.
Haley Fagan will get her first start of the season against Alabama, today.
Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics

Since 5:30am yesterday I've only slept for a brief three hour period around noon and I'm writing this at 4am on the night shift of a National Guard exercise, so if anything sounds even stranger, more rambling, and makes less sense than ever, that's probably why. I'm going to pre-write another article before this shift is over, I hope (if I have time), so that one could be pretty crazy, too.


Auburn and Alabama were supposed to play in softball last night during the SEC Tournament. Bad weather in Starkville pushed that game to later this morning. The winner of that one will face Florida in the semi-finals for a trip to the championship game. The good news for Auburn is that Haley Fagan, who has missed all season with a knee injury, is set to start the game at shortstop.


How long was Eric Shore coaching Auburn Men's Tennis? He was hired by Athletic Director Pat Dye. That's quite the career.


Yesterday I wrote about Stephen Roberts being one of the main players in line for a starting safety position. He's not the only one, though. Nick Ruffin has had some quality playing time over the last two seasons and will push for a starting job in the backfield, as well.

Auburn signed its second player from Nigeria in as many years this past signing class. In 2015 it was a defensive lineman. In 2016 it was an offensive lineman. Read the story of Prince Sammons and his trip to the Plains.

There were a couple of stories (which you've already seen if you read the comments, yesterday) out there giving more information on John Franklin III's work with Michael Vick and a QB coach/trainer. The first is from Ryan Black at AuburnUndercover and then Brandon Marcello of SEC Country details a bit more about Gus/Rhett giving their blessing on the situation.

Even with as bad as some of Auburn's defenses have been over the last decade, there's still a former Tiger on ESPN's best defensive linemen of the last 10 years. I bet you can't guess who it is!