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Link sAUsage: 17 May 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


Tonight is the last home game of the season, and Auburn welcomes in-state foe UAB to Plainsman Park for the finale.


DeSean Murray, formerly of Presbyterian, is now an official signee rather than just a commit! He'll redshirt this year and have two years remaining.


The men's NCAA Regionals are taking place, and, of course, Michael Johnson is leading the Tigers, who are currently 6th.


The ladies are livin' on Tulsa Time! They'll be facing Vanderbilt, a team they fell to 4-3 in Nashville back in April, in the Sweet 16.


How much will the H-Backs be running the football this season? I'm hoping for a lot after seeing them in the A-Day game. Plus, they were both practicing at the running back position in the Spring. Both looked good running the ball. If nothing else, I think they'll provide some excellent short-yardage power.

Good news! Josh Holsey's rehab seems to have gone well, and he definitely seems to be on track to be a big contributor this year.

Why was John Franklin III allowed to work with Michael Vick and a private QB coach? Gus Malzahn explained last night. He also answered questions about how many satellite camps Auburn's coaches will attend.

Who will start at linebacker? Travis Williams isn't saying just yet. I'm guessing it's some combination of the Williams' and T.J. Neal, though.

ESPN ranked the best QBs of the past decade in the SEC. There are two ahead of Cam Newton. Others at ESPN then discussed the list and had the same arguments I had about who was placed right above Cam.

One of Cam's previous vehicles, which he famously wrecked over a year ago, was a lifted old 90s model Dodge pickup. His new one? A classic Oldsmobile with, um, a bit of gilding to it.


I don't normally include anything about Alabama, but I'm still amazed that A) The University of Alabama felt the need to issue a formal statement about a joke and B) the folks at were stupid enough to tweet that the statement was Alabama "dropping the mic on Tom Brokaw." That should just be embarrassing for everyone involved. Except for Tom Brokaw, who just told the same kind of joke everyone tells at that type of speech.