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Auburn vs Clemson 2016 Opening Game Time Announced

We're a little closer to football, as the game time for the opener has been announced!

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Were you frustrated by the fact that there was only one true night game at Jordan-Hare last season? Sure, some games ended in darkness, but only one was a real night game.

Well, I've got some good news for you. Auburn vs Clemson on September 3rd will definitely be a night game as it kicks off at 8pm LOCAL time. The last game I remember kicking off that late at Jordan-Hare (though I'm sure there's been another one since then) was the 2007 South Florida game.

Is this good news for Auburn? To put it mildly, hell yes, it's good news.

Last season the atmosphere for Auburn football games seemed lethargic and dull. Even in close games, it seemed there was a lack of energy in the stadium. Part of that is explained by the record of the team and the feeling towards how the games would go. Another part of that was the time frame of the games and the fact that it's hard to get excited for an early kickoff.

Now, for this game, there will be plenty of time to tailgate. There will be plenty of time for fans to get hyped and ready for the first game of the season. Will there be questions about the team? Sure. However, there's going to be a lot of optimism, too. At least I hope. All of that should mean one loud and rowdy crowd ready to get behind the hometown Tigers and give Clemson hell.

Honestly, given the questions about the 2016 Auburn football team, I think this is the best possible thing that could happen for us at this point in the offseason. It won't be too hot in the stadium, and the fans will have all day to consume whatever fuels them to cheer on the home team the hardest.

To this game time I say... War Damn Eagle!

Here's the full slate of games on ESPN/ABC that weekend:

Thursday, Sept. 1
7 p.m. South Carolina at Vanderbilt - ESPN

Saturday, Sept. 3
6:30 a.m. Georgia Tech vs. Boston College - ESPN2 (Game played in Ireland)
11 a.m. Oklahoma vs. Houston - ABC
11 a.m. Hawaii at Michigan - ESPN
2:30 p.m.  LSU vs. Wisconsin - ABC
4:30 p.m. Georgia vs. North Carolina - ESPN
7 p.m. USC vs.  Alabama - ABC
8 p.m. Clemson at Auburn - ESPN

Sunday, Sept 4
6:30 p.m. Notre Dame at Texas - ABC

Monday, Sept. 5
7 p.m. Ole Miss vs. Florida State ESPN
*All times Central