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Link sAUsage: 19 May 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Anthony Hall / Auburn Athletics


The Tigers closed out the home season in Plainsman Park with a victory over UAB Tuesday night, winning 4-1 thanks to a could of Niko Buentello RBIs. This weekend against Vanderbilt will decide whether the Tigers go to Hoover or if the season is over.


The men's team is in 5th at the Tuscaloosa Regional heading into the final day, today. That's a good thing, since the top 5 advance to the NCAA Finals.


We know what time Auburn will kick off against Clemson on September 3rd, now. It's going to be a primetime game late at night, so hopefully the crowd will be really up and into it.

What will Tony Stevens' 2016 campaign look like? Where will he line up? How much will he contribute?

Instant replay in the SEC will be done through a "collaborative process" this season. What that means is that it won't just be replay officials on site who are making decisions; they'll have someone back in Birmingham at the SEC offices to aid them, as well.

John Franklin III worked out with Michael Vick and one of Vick's personal coaches. What does Sean White's old QB coach think about that? Saving you a click: he understands Gus Malzahn's reasoning. That article is a classic example of's "hey, we've got a golden opportunity to get some quotes that could stir things up" tendency.

The WRs need a leader for their position group and senior Marcus Davis has grabbed that mantle by the reins. Hopefully, he can work with the younger guys over the summer and get the freshman ready to see the field early.

A former Auburn football player is a part of the latest concussion lawsuit. He says he played at Auburn from 1996 to 1998. Phillip Marshall brings up an interesting point about him, though: he can't find him in a list of Auburn's letterman, so was likely a walk-on who rarely saw the field. That's not to diminish the concussion issue at all, it's just that it sure is a random person to join a lawsuit.

Both Gus Malzahn and Nick Saban will be a part of the inaugural Lutzie 43 Invitational golf tournament. That's a pretty nice move.